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Tutoring Children | Learning for a Cause


Free Tutoring in Math, Science, and English for students K-12


To provide children with a free and personalized education regardless of their race, gender, and economic status. All the while, helping combat societal problems.  


Learning for a Cause is a 501(c)(3) student-led nonprofit organization founded by Amaar Alwani.  We aim to provide students with equal educational opportunities by providing them with free virtual tutoring.

We offer services in Math, Science, and English for students K-8. For students 9-12 we offer class-specific tutoring. Check out our services page to learn more!


Since we don't require payment for tutoring, we use a "Pay as you can" format where you give what you feel you can afford. A lack of donations will not affect the student's tutoring but instead, help support us and our community initiatives.


Since we are a volunteer-based organization, most of our proceeds go to our societal improvement initiative. This is a monthly donation toward helping support what our board believes to be the most pressing problem in our society then.

Tutoring Kids in Math | Learning for a Cause


Check out our Blog! We have posts on a wide range of topics from Education to STEM to Study Tips. The blog is a source of information for students and educators alike! We post on a weekly or biweekly basis bringing you the most relevant and important information at the time, regarding education.  


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