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High School Offerings


 Our math tutors are incredibly accomplished and can provide students a flexible approach. We can follow along with school curriculums, use our own, or even just offer periodic homework help to students. We provide tutoring services for Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Statistics, Precalculus, and Calculus. We provide test preparation for the AP and Regents for all grades.

Free Math tutoring | Learning for a Cause
Free Science Tutoring | Learning for a Cause


We offer services ranging from teaching basic foundations of science to Physics C. We prepare students for Regents, APs, as well as SAT Subject Tests. We offer courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics,


We have tutors that are well versed in Spanish and will be able to help with test prep, as well as homework assignments. We prepare students to succeed on the FLACS A & B exams. 

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Computer Programming


We have tutors who are computer science whizzes! They have been teaching Java for many years and will be able to explain any facets that the student may be confused about. We can help with AP preparation, as well as finishing coding projects. 

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