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Frequently Asked Questions
What subjects are taught by Learning or a Cause?

We teach a variety of subjects. We have tutors in 10+ subjects, including Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Foreign Languages and Computer Science. Our tutors can assist in studying, test prep, and homework help. 

How are the classes formatted?

Classes are on a weekly basis on Zoom. They are structured in usually two ways, though it is flexible based on a student's needs. Either a tutor will follow along with a school curriculum, aiding in homework help, upcoming tests, and complicated concepts, or they will follow an separate enrichment track teaching students ahead of what they are learning so that they can be better prepared when they encounter it in school.

How old are the students you service?

We primarily teach students ranging from K-8. We have recently expanded to a select set of High School Classes as well including: Algebra, Algebra II, Precalculus, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Spanish.

Is the tutoring really free?

Yes! Our service is 100% free. That being said we are run only on donations and every dollar is greatly appreciated in allowing us to continue helping as many students as we can.

Are the classes one on one?

Yes! All our classes are one on one, and are taught online through Zoom. After signing up, you will be paired with a tutor, to best match your needs. If you would want to have group sessions we would be happy to accommodate you as well.

Do you offer homework help?

Yes! If you are looking for homework help, our tutors are able to accommodate students with school curriculums and material in addition to extra enrichment.

Is SAT/ACT prep offered?

Sadly, we do not currently have any SAT tutors or ACT tutors. 

Do you offer video tutorials? 

Yes! We have video tutorials and online courses that can be accessed here. Our tutorials are made on a variety of subjects and our selection is expanding on a weekly basis.

What do you do with donations? 

Our donations go toward major categories. The first being maintenance. These are expenses we face to provide tutoring even though all our tutors are volunteers. This includes but is not limited to: educational resources, tutoring equipment, administrative costs, website uptime. As for what we do with the rest of our funds, they are used for our Societal Improvement Initiatives. This is where we use our funds to help support other important, and often overlooked problems in our society, causes as well as hosting awareness events about them.

How can students succeed during COVID-19?

During COVID-19 many students struggle with maintaining the same focus they would in a school environment. For students doing full virtual or hybrid learning it is essential that they try to maintain a normal schedule as they would have on a school day. This means waking up at the same time they would for school keeping themselves occupied with a variety of subjects throughout the day, and trying to minimize distractions during what would be class time. We try our best to help in this regard by assigning work and offering students resources to be better prepared to learn in a virtual environment. If parents request it we can design a more work intensive curriculum for a student so they have something to do in their respective subject for the entire week. During the week when a student isn’t receiving tutoring they can also view our online video courses for extra help revising or understanding topics.

Will my tutor act as an answer giving service? 

No! Learning for a cause’s philosophy is to help students understand the concepts behind what they are working on, so that our students can learn how to solve the problem and reach the answer on their own. Learning for a cause is not an answer-giving service. 

How do I sign up? 

To sign up as a student, please fill out this form. 

To sign up to volunteer as a tutor, please fill out this form. 

How can I contact Learning For a Cause? 

To contact us please fill out a form here. We usually respond within 24 hours.

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